Water Themed Video Wall

3 Little Pix produced a film production for this amazing LED wall setup in Paris. This fully 3D animated movie with huge water simulations was tailor made to integrate a beautiful office lobby. The project evolved while the renovation was underway, and required great precision from our team.

Superb initiative by Belgian architect JACQUES VAN HAREN and our client DEKA. Amazing work from our 3D animation team 3 Little Pix studios

Some figures: Simulating 300 cubic meters of water, 43 millions pixels, 115 sq meters of LED screens, 11 TB of simulation files, 24 days of calculations for a 96 second splash sequence, A total of 7 minutes of content.

  • Client Deka Immobilien Investment
  • Architect Jacques Van Haren
  • Film Director Nicolas Monnoyer
  • 3D Production 3 Little Pix
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